Bring on the day

When that dark water where I trawl for words which more and more elude me

When that black pool

Is void, and all the fish have slipped away

Leaving me silent, nothing left to say,

A mumbling fool.

Bring on the day


Bring on the day

When in the Home I’ll see a tall young man

Maybe a student or a volunteer

Deep-voiced, with laughing eyes, a ready smile

And maybe a word from that dead pool will come and . . .

“Darling!” I’ll cry, I’ll weep and kiss his hand.


Embarrassed and surprised, he’ll back away

Until the other staff speak in his ear,

“Just humour her. There is no other way

She’ll see her son again.”


Bring on the day,

And in that sweetest moment of delight

Bring on the night.